"An artist, a superhero, and a teacher walk into a bar..."

I was five years old when I first saw Superman. He was flying across the front of my lunch box, swooping around the back to break up a sinister gang, then slipping along the narrow side to change into a man that no one would think twice about. Right then, I knew what I wanted to do with my life: I wanted to explore, to discover, to be forever becoming something new and unexpected. I wanted to make a difference in the world.

I had no idea what an artist was, but intuitively understood that they were people who made the impossible real, people who uttered magic words like: “What if…?”

And “What if…?”, had to be the best super power of all.

Artistic expression is an on-going call and response exercise: the imagination inquiring and the mind/body/voice/spirit playfully seeking new ways to convey a multitude of possibilities. The artist gives form to abstractions and challenges audiences to draw connections to their own experiences.  
Though comics have been a primary medium for much of my life, my creative explorations straddle a variety of modalities, including dance, creative writing, and teaching (a beautifully nuanced form of choreo-poetic performance art). Whatever the medium, my intention is always to create an environment that allows conscious and unconscious transformation to occur.
Ultimately, art is a tool for shaping and re-shaping inner landscapes; viewed in this light, each medium is a metaphor, a means of examining, contextualizing, and expanding the boundaries of the world we live in.