Creative (r)Evolutions Network


The Creative (R)evolutions Network is committed to developing communities in which every individual is empowered by a spirit of  creativity, activism, spritual development, and a deep understanding of the cause and effect relationship underlying all social, political, ecological, and economic conditions.


The Creative (R)evolutions Network is a collective of visionary artists, activists, teachers, learners, journalists, elders, and youth from a variety of backgrounds working at  the intersection where culture, learning, activism, and creative expression meet. Participants are committed to exploring questions and seeking solutions to concerns related to personal & social transformation, healing, and sustainability 


  • Make CREATIVITY the heart of every aspect of our work/lives.
  • Engage in active exploration of social change, fairness and equity, spiritual enlightenment.
  • Make ECOLOGICAL SUSTAINABILITY a core value of every individual/community/organization.
  • Design multi-faceted, NON-TRADITIONAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS/PROGRAMS for people of all ages that offer tools for critical examination of the causes of suffering and inspire active response
  • Make ART, the ARTISTIC PROCESS, and the ARTIST HABITS OF MIND intrinsic to the LEARNING PROCESS; utilize art as a primary tool for examining important issues.
  •  Seek imaginative ways to PROMOTE DIALOGUE across perceived boundaries of difference
  • SUPPORT and work alongside other community-based groups and individuals


1. Developing a Personal Vision through meditative/reflective practices that promote Healing, Awareness, and Empowerment

2. Connecting & Sharing ideas and reflections in forums designed to support  and facilitate personal growth as well as the development and implementation of fresh ideas

3. Cultivating Creative Practices that serve as platforms for continued inter/intrapersonal development. Connecting imagination to reality in ways that sustain and expand the boundaries of both. 

4. Activating sustainable, mutually supportive social networks that bring communities together for learning, making, celebrating, and further exploring peaceful pathways for change.


  • We believe that social change is an outgrowth of personal transformation. Change must occur simultaneously at the micro and macro levels.
  • Our approach to sharing ideas and creating new possibilities  is inclusive, inviting a variety of styles and methodologies. Cultivating attitudes and skills that allow us to consider a wide range of possibilities and seeking spaces of convergence where different approaches to the same problems can be adopted is an essential element of our work and an expression of the social environment that we wish to live in.
  • We are all leaders.
  • We are all learners, teachers, co-creators.
  • We look for ways to gather information about the views and concerns of those whose ideas differ from our own. We explore methods of narrowing divisions.
  • We seek a balanced tone in all of interactions. We do not embrace dogma, bottled rhetoric, or a single-minded approaches.


 1. Those involved with this group have ties & committments to a variety other community based organizaitions (schools, churches, community centers, arts orgs, etc.). This group will provide support and resources for work in those other areas of interest.

2. Everyone will bring ideas & experiences related to personal, political, & cultural transformation to the table. We will look for points of intersection among these ideas & let these commonalities define the group identity.

3. We will meet at regular intervals to exchange ideas, learn together, explore new directions, and exchange insights about our individual journeys.

4. We will launch a major project within 6-8 months of our first meeting.

5. We will take a break from meeting between projects so that we can regenerate and evaluate the process and product of our efforts.

Projects, Actions, & Workshops

  • Imaginautics – “Imaginautics”  is  an arts-based integrated studies lab designed to spark and nurture the  spirit of observation, inquiry, experimentation, and reflection that are the foundations of creative process and the key to developing critical thinking and problem solving skills. Workshops are co-designed and taught by teams from a variety of disciplines working together to create a synergistic learning experience.
  • Butoh (for activating the unconscious) – street performances around specific themes
  • Art & Social Justice Fairs – Organize art eduacation/art making pubic events that bring together artists, social activists, educators to teach, learn, and present arts focused projects, curriculum, and works that address the needs of families and community  
  • Conversation Sit-Ins – a variation of Invisible Theater in which hot button topics are discussed in informal public venues that invite the participation of bystanders.
  • “Invisible Theater” – Applying Augusto Boal's "theater of the liberation" to inspire public discussion of human rights, social justice, and global issues
  • Soapbox Gallery/Human installations - Participants create characters and post themselves in various locations using performance art to bring awareness to specific social/community issues and/or to inspire people to interact differently with their surroundings.
  • Streets of Justice (Children’s Project) – Participants dress as original superheroes to perform community service work  or to embody the spirit of an issue that they feel is in need of wider attention/discussion.
  • Others...