Imaginautics: The Art of Discovery

First hosted by Lake Washington Girls’ Middle School in the summer of 2011, “Imaginautics”  is  an integrated arts lab designed to spark and nurture the  spirit of observation, inquiry, experimentation, and reflection that are the foundations of artistic process and crucial to the development of problem solving skills. 

Imaginauts engage in creative explorations of the elements and principles of visual art, expressive movement, and creative writing, working within and across each discipline in a fluid manner that helps them connect ideas to their own lives and experiences. Arts experiments place special emphasis on deep listening, looking, and reflecting, while mixed media projects challenge students to examine everyday objects in a new light and to see the aesthetic potential in everything. Community field trips and studio instruction, allow participants to discover artistic expression in their own back yards, collect “field samples” for projects, and compose installations. 

Using a fully interdisciplinary framework, Imaginautics blurs the distinct borders between disciplines, encouraging students to contemplate central themes and ideas through a variety of lenses. This “fusion” methodology challenges teaching partners to co-create curriculum that allows both students and themselves to explore  creatively, collaboratively, communicatively, and critically. 

The lab culminates in an outdoor installation and performance of students work that provides families a chance to view not only the product of the children’s efforts but affords them valuable insight into the dynamic process of the journey.