Workshop Descriptions


Introduction to Drawing

Drawing challenges us to translate what we see with our eyes to marks we make on a surface. This class will introduce students to basic principles and techniques of visual art. We will explore drawing as a form of meditation in which the artist attempts to find connection between the self and the subject being perceived. Through  a variety of relaxation, perception, and drawing techniques, students will be asked to create both realistic and abstract works using traditional and experimental tools.

Writing with Pictures: Comics & The Graphic Novel

Comics has been called “the invisible art” because the deceptive simplicity of the form masks a complex, expressive multi-medium in which writing, drama, stage-craft, drawing, design, and imagination are combined to create an endless range of visual-narrative possibilities. This course examines the art form, the basic tools of the craft, and fundamental drawing techniques as they apply to comics. Students explore the process of developing graphic narratives from initial character designs, to script writing, to finished work. Graphic novel selections are used facilitate critical examination and discussion of the medium’s cultural influences and impact as well as its growing popularity as a literary form.

Comics and American Culture (Non-Studio Class)

Comic strips and books have been integral parts of American life since the late 19th century. Generations have thrilled to the exploits of colorful characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Archie, Little Lulu, and countless others—but beneath their four color facades, what do these characters reveal about our culture and its socially constructed norms? Explore questions of race, class, and gender identity politics as presented through popular comics icons in books, film, television. 

Imaginautics: Discovering Art Everywhere You Look

A piece of driftwood, a tangled ball of yarn, a set of used postage stamps, a handfull of pebbles, and some old gum wrappers meet in a city park and decide to throw a party—YOU ARE INVITED. Everywhere you look there are ordinary objects lying about, waiting to be transformed into something wonderful. Imagine every street as a playground of shape, sound, and color. Enjoy  afternoons of mixed-media arts exploration, storytelling, and dance in this fun-filled integrated arts camp—Become and Imaginaut!

Shapeshifting & Other Fancy Moves

The dancer does with the body what a poet does with words, or a painter with a brush—communicate ideas, feelings, experiences--tell stories. Learn to use your body to connect with the world in new, different ways. Let your senses and imagination guide you as you move like air, wind, water, sand, ghosts, insects—anything. Every body has a story to tell—what’s yours?